Unlock Verification Needed for All Payments is Mandatory for All Google Wallet Users

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Google Wallet now requires a password or fingerprint to unlock and process payments and transactions. The intention is to perform secure payments and transactions for the users who purchase goods and services.

Gradually, Google Wallet is asking users to unlock their Android devices to complete the execution of each and every small transaction after successful verification and authorization.

Previously, the micropayments process was hassle-free, as they couldn’t even authorize the Google Wallet payments app using a passcode or fingerprint. Instead, transactions were automatically processed on tap.

Users Need to Unlock Verification for All Payments via Google Wallet. Is it Mandatory?

Several users have realized that Google Wallet’s tap-to-pay feature doesn’t allow them to execute quick payments on a tap directly, as before. Instead, the app is now forcing them to verify and authorize the application access and payment using a passcode, pattern, or fingerprint for a successful payment transaction.

Before this development, users could’ve executed small transactions for groceries and others by tapping their Pixel phones and other Android phones on the PoS scanner to pay with Google Wallet. They couldn’t have been required to enter a passcode, pattern, or fingerprint on their smartphones to authorize the transaction.

Based on several reports online, users have now observed that their phones are gradually asking them to verify the transaction by authorizing the payment application to finish the payment process.

With this new feature, however, it seemed that Google was implementing additional security features for the users’ secure payment processes.

In some countries, the one-tap payment feature is still available for small payments. I expect this feature to be implemented soon. This information is a reflection of the information gathered from the official support page of Google Pay.

“Coming soon, your credit and debit card won’t be charged for retail payments unless you’ve recently used a verification method, like your fingerprint or PIN. Some users may already need to verify to make a payment. If you’re asked to verify it’s you, complete verification steps on your device to make a payment.”

Apple has an enhanced security feature for their customers in this case, as it always asks their iPhone users to verify and authorize each and every transaction. It seems Google is also following the same strategy to tighten the security of payments via Google Wallet.

Users have welcomed this security measure implemented by Google as it adds an additional security layer, boosts security, and protects users from theft or fraud.

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It appears that Google has made it mandatory for users of Google Wallet to unlock their Android devices in order to authorize payments every time. There is nothing to worry about, as it adds an additional layer of security and helps you stay out of fraud and scams while executing the payments. 

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