How to Clear Health Data From iPhone 6, 11 [iOS 13, 14]

How to clear health data from iPhone: When you buy a new Apple iPhone, you can see a Health app on your phone.

Isn’t it good for your health? It is very helpful for your health as it keeps track of your health and fitness activities like the steps you walked and the distance you covered, your heart rate, and other details throughout the day. All your health-related records are stored on your phone.

But, if you want to delete all your health data that is stored on your iPhone, here’s the way to do it.

The users of iOS 13 update or later will be able to remove their Health data easily from their phones.

In the earlier versions of iOS, there didn’t seem to have any option to remove all the health data collected by the phones.

If you haven’t updated your iOS version of your iPhone to the latest version, make sure you do it.

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How To Clear Health data From iPhone

Here we provided the steps to remove all your health-related data from the Health app that you can find on your iPhone

Steps to Delete all Health data from your iPhone

  1. Go to Settings on your device, i.e. iPhone or iPad.
  2. In the Settings menu, scroll to the bottom and tap on Health.
  3. Under Data, you can see Data Access & Devices located, tap on it. Once you tap it, you will see the list of your devices signed in with your Apple ID. If you use other Apple devices like an iPad, Smart Watch, or any other devices, they will also be visible here.
  4. Now, choose your iPhone, and tap on Delete All Data from your iPhone that you will find at the bottom. Doing this will remove all your stored Health data from your iPhone. If you choose any other device such as your iPad or Watch, then the Health data stored in those devices will be removed.
  5. Confirm the action by tapping the Delete option to completely remove all your stored Health Data from your iPhone or any other Apple device. That’s all you have to do, now you can fresh start your daily workouts and monitor your health stats.

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