Latest Hum to Search Feature on Google: How to Know A Song Name By Humming

hum to search feature google on pc and mobile
hum to search feature on google using pc and mobile

Hum to search feature on Google: Did you ever feel irritated by a tune stuck in your head and you can’t remember the song name or any of its lyrics?

Thanks to Google for introducing a new feature! Those frustrating “na naa na naa” efforts can be avoided. Now, you can find a song name by humming only. 

The tech giant Google has introduced this fantastic feature called ‘hum to search.’ This feature uses machine learning to transform the song hums into number-based sequences. It works on Google Search and Assistant. And here’s how it works.

hum to search feature google on pc and mobile
hum to search feature on google using pc and mobile

How to Use Hum to Search Feature on Google Search Engine and Google Assistant?

Here we provided the steps to know a song name by humming using the feature Hum to search

1. Open the latest version of the “Google App” on your phone.

2. Now, next to the search bar, you can find the “Mic icon”.

3. Tap on the Mic icon and say ‘“what’s this song?”

4. You can also search for a new song by tapping the new “Search a song” button below.

5. Now, start “humming the tune of the song” you need for 10-15 seconds and you will get the search results.

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Alternatively, you can also use Google Assistant. Open the assistant and say  “Ok Google, what’s this song?” and then hum the song’s tune you need to know about and the lyrics.

Currently, this feature is available on Android devices in over 20 languages and on Apple iOS devices in English. However, Google plans to extend the feature to more languages soon.

So, next time when you can’t remember a song name and a catchy tune is stuck in your head that you probably heard anywhere, just start humming it to Google and you’ll know your song name in a short time.

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