3 Best Ways to find Serial Key of Any Software in 2024

Did you ever go through the words software serial keys, and license keys during the installation of software? If you have a PC or laptop, you need to know about software serial keys and product activation license keys. Whether you are using Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems, these keys are mainly required to complete … Read more

Unlock Verification Needed for All Payments is Mandatory for All Google Wallet Users

Featured image for Attention Google Wallet Users: Unlock Verification Needed for All Payments

Google Wallet now requires a password or fingerprint to unlock and process payments and transactions. The intention is to perform secure payments and transactions for the users who purchase goods and services. Gradually, Google Wallet is asking users to unlock their Android devices to complete the execution of each and every small transaction after successful … Read more

Latest Hum to Search Feature on Google: How to Know A Song Name By Humming

hum to search feature google on pc and mobile

If you want to know a song’s name when you only know its tune. This feature by Google helps you find the Song name by humming the tune!

Google Stadia: All Things You Need To Know About Google’s Cloud Gaming Service

Google Stadia cloud gaming service website interface

Google Stadia is the new game model for the future of live streaming, where the console does no harm to your TV set or under your desk. While Stadia had a tough start with some starting problems, it won’t show the hottest games of recent years, from Cyberpunk 2077 to the resident Devil’s Village. Like … Read more