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Minion memes: 250+ All-Time Best, Top, Funny, Clean, Work, & Cringe Minion Memes

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Minion Memes: The Minions are yellow-colored henchmen shaped like pill capsules. They are small in height and are about half or one-third the height of humans. The exact height is about 3 feet and 7 inches.

Some Minions have two eyes and some others have only one eye. Their eyes color is brown. The only difference between the two types of Minions is the number of eyes. 

They do not have noses. But, we know that they can smell as they are seen smelling fruits. They do not have ears. But, they can hear and respond to the sounds which are produced in their surroundings. Minions are seen either bald or with a few wispy strands of black hair on their heads.

They have their own clothing style that consists of blue overalls, black rubber gloves, goggles, and shoes. They mostly speak gibberish, which is derived from other languages. They also speak English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean.

Minions became popular because of their unique appearance and good humor. They are meme-able and GIF-able.

In 2015, Universal Studios built a road sign in the United Kingdom that featured Minions. Later they removed it because of safety concerns as many people stopped their cars to take photos with that Minion sign.

In 2016, On April Fool’s Day, Google created a button on its Gmail service that sent a GIF image of a Minion along with a “mic drop.” This feature received huge backlash as many people complained about accidentally sending the image during their job searches. Because of this feature, some people had dropped from job consideration, and some people got fired from their jobs. As the feature got huge backlash, Google removed the feature immediately.

The Minions appeared in an advertisement for the Cinemark theater chain, which claims their theatre chain is the brightest 3D projection system than any other theatre chain.

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funny minion meme, ironic minion meme, Facebook minion meme, edgy minion meme, minion meme for moms, bad minion meme, 

funny minion meme, edgy minion meme, ironic minion meme, minion meme clean, Facebook minion meme, minion meme for moms, bad minion meme

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