25+ Best Indian Original Web Series on Netflix & Amazon Prime Video (Must Watch & Don’t Miss)

Best Indian original web series on Netflix: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are proudly growing their libraries of original stories and Indian movies. When it comes to location information, the two heat services are in fierce competition. This is because watching videos in India is as slow as ever.

Netflix subscription can be bought in India for Rs 199 (2.65) per month (mobile only). Currently, Amazon Premium Video includes the streaming service with a prime package of Rs 179 per month (2.40). If you are not a subscriber to Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can select a subscription program by clicking the buttons below.

There’s no appetite for a better understanding of two-string services, but if you’re looking for real Indian history, you’re poor. We have put together a list of original articles on Netflix and Amazon love videos. Choose thoughtfully.

  1. Made In Heaven
  2. Breathe
  3. Pushpavalli
  4. Mirzapur
  5. Paatal Lok
  6. One Mic Stand
  7. Tandav
  8. The Family Man
  9. Sacred Games
  10. She
  11. Leila
  12. Taj Mahal 1989
  13. Jamtara
  14. Selection Day
  15. Little Things
  16. Lust Stories
  17. Ghoul
  18. Hasmukh
  19. A Suitable Boy
  20. Indian Matchmaking
  21. Daughters of Destiny
  22. Bombay Begums
  23. Delhi Crime
  24. Ray
  25. Kota Factory

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Best Indian Original Web series on Netflix & Amazon Prime

  1. Made In Heaven

Made in Heaven is the most popular Indian TV series of 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. The nine pieces were produced by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti with the help of singer Nakarta Srivastava. Paradise is one of the biggest and most exciting weddings in India and people work hard to make it happen.

The series stars two wedding planners, Tara (Sobhita Dhulipala) and Karan (Arjun Mathur), who head to a Delhi-based investment company to cover major issues facing their wedding planning company. The program summarizes the ancient families of Delhi and their internal relationships.

Despite the technical difficulties in writing, some people see their problems. The early history of India is also a source of knowledge about classical and parochialism in the modern region of India.

Best Indian Original web series on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video -Made In Heaven web series season 1 & 2 amazon prime video original
Made In Heaven web television series 1 & 2 – Amazon Original (Amazon Prime Video) | Image Credit: Respective Owners
  1. Breathe

Amazon Love Video is one of the first stories in India, a story of breath, love, and sadness. The father will try his best to save his son. too familiar? Haha, I pretended to be bt.

In the UK, filmmaker Danny (R. Madhavan) sees his son Josh in the hospital and wants a transplant. He’s working on a plan to add Josh to his organic fundraising list, but his photos aren’t as cool as you might think. Danny’s troubles escalate when he finds himself in a police case that he really wanted to save.

Sansa may not be a lion, like some of the actors in this post, but you should see Madonna’s eyes and the story quickly.

breathe web series amazon original prime video season 1 & 2
Breathe web television series season 1, 2, & 3 – Amazon Original (Amazon Prime Video) | Image Credit: Respective Owners
  1. Pushpavalli

Pashpavali is Amazon’s first comedy story with independent actor Sumoki Suresh. After narrating the story of a little girl named Pashpoli. He decided to complete his education and get married as per his mother’s wish. However, there are other life plans for this. When Pashapauli saw a lovely man named Nikal Rao, he went to Bangalore and started working nearby. He started looking for Nickel and created a fake website to hide his famous activities.

Pushpavalli web series-season 1& 2 amazon prime video original
Pushpavalli web television series season 1 & 2 – Amazon Prime Video (Amazon Original) | Image Credit: Respective Owners
  1. Mirzapur

 Some people think that Mirzapur is good for its taste, but it is still one of the oldest tales of India. Fine performances from Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, and Vikrant Massey are the perfect combination for those who want to see this attacking player.

The media confirms the fierce mafia enmity in the state of Uttar Pradesh. To save their father, two brothers Guddu (Faizal) and Bablu (Miss) are forced to participate in the vandalism of mafia don Colin Bahiya (Tripathi). Over time, these innocent youths become ideal criminals.

Mirzapur web series season 1 & 2 amazon prime original
Mirzapur web television series 1, 2, 3, & 4 – Amazon Original (Amazon Prime Video) | Image Credit: Respective Owners
  1. Paatal Lok

The assassination attempt on the historian has sparked debate over police cities, religion, politics, and male racism. Patel Lock was inspired by singers like JadeepAhlot, Neeraj Kabi, Abhishek Banerjee, and others to perform well on the board. The first Indian TV story on Amazon Prime Video was created by Anushka Sharma and it has an interesting story that would be hard to forget.

Paatal lok web series 1& 2 amazon prime Video original
Paatal Lok web television series 1, 2, & 3 – Amazon Original (Amazon Prime Video) | Image Credit: Respective Owners
  1. The Family Man

Amazon Prime Videos has two solid chapters in this original Indian story so far. The Family man Manoj Bajpayee has a star, like Mr. Kant Tiwari, who specializes in national security issues and family life. The two seasons of the show are fast and when the attack is over, Tiwari fights. If you are looking for a good Hindi language trailer then we encourage you to take a look at the performance, writing, and performance of this show.

the family man web series 1 & 2 amazon prime original
The Family Man web television series season 1, 2, & 3- Amazon Original | Image Credit: Respective Owners
  1. Sacred Games

These are Saif Ali Khan, Nawaz Siddiqui, Radhika Opt, and KalkiKoechlan – probably the first Netflix viewers. If you don’t know the sacred game, it’s time to do it.

The story of the show is about the vicious attack carried out by the criminal Ganesh Gatundi (Siddiqui) in Mumbai. The police had to stop Sartaj Singh (Khan) from burning down the city for 25 days but didn’t know where to start and how far to go.

You have two seasons for this high-speed trailer. The mystery has been widely publicized this season, so Netflix isn’t trying to fix this third download line. Can we say that it is based on the story of the same name?

sacred games season 1, 2, & 3 netflix original series
Sacred Games web television series season 1, 2, & 3 – Netflix Original | Image Credit: Respective Owners
  1. She

This was Imtiaz Ali’s first attempt to make a small defense. A lowly cop, the idea behind this first Indian Netflix series was the transformation of a young police officer after being freed from his comfort zone to be careful and break up a gang. The little hen is known for its excellent behavior, some of which even bother you with the normal behavior of men in positions of authority.

she web series season 1& 2 netflix original
She web television series season 1 & 2- Netflix original | Image Credit: Respective Owners

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